Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Click-clack ahhh the sound of knitting needles!

Am happy to be knitting things for myself again... have started by doing Ysolda's 'Snapdragon Flip Top Mittens' in Vintage Purls Perendale Worsted - Ruby Tuesday colour - such lovely hand-dyed yarn to knit with & such a cool pattern. I'm really happy with how these turned out.

Have started a Snapdragon Tam to match the mitts...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Autumn here already!!

Wow - where did summer go?! I had my parents staying the last month so I haven't had time to post, but have had time to do lots and lots of knitting... more baby knitting - I'm almost done and very over baby knits for a while!

Baby Leg-warmers - pattern Legwarmies by Alana Dakos (my
first venture into colourwork - surprised how easy it was and am looking forward to making more of these - although my daughter said she wants pink white and brown leg-warmers and not orange and green ones!!

2 wonderful patterns by Ysolda - Elijah and Sophie for boy and girl gifts.

and I have finshed off the 2 ponchos I was making which are a free Drops pattern...
Boy no wonder I have had enough of baby knits!!

I am knitting some Snapdragon Flip-Top Mittens (also a Ysolda pattern) with beautiful 'Ruby Tuesday' Vintage Purls Perendale Worsted yarn - they look so good - can't wait to get them finished - and once they're done, there's a matching hat!!