Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back in the land of the living!!

Have been away from the computer for a bit... we adopted a baby boy just a few months ago and things have been rather hectic!! (That was one of the reasons for the baby knitting - the other was my brother had a baby the same week we brought ours home.

I have my hands full now with toddler, baby and puppy - despite that keeping me from the computer I haven't let that stop me finding a little time to craft...I have been working on this quilt which I am making from all of my daughter's baby clothes - its so nice to be able to keep all of her baby clothes without having a huge stash of clothing for no reason :o) Its
lovely looking at it whilst I'm working on it as I remember each & every outfit and where she wore it.

I have also been working on a couple of knitting projects... one is Ice Queen from Knitty - Rosemary Hill - this has beading in it which I am enjoying...

and the other is a Drops Pattern - No 119-1 Long jacket with short sleeves knitted side to side. I am knitting the Garnstudio design up in Vintage Purls sock yarn & am just adoring the colour - it matches all of the greys, purples & greens that I have clothes in so will be a welcome addition to my winter wardrobe when I get time to finish it!!

Anyway more later - back for now to baby milk and changing nappies!!