Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mermaid Socks

I've got a taste of the sock-fever and am using another Vintage Purls colourway - Limited Edition 'Bluhu'. Gorgeous marine colours. I'm making socks with a pattern that reminds me of mermaid scales - the pattern is Pomatomus by sock design diva Cookie A. I love the results so far.

I have almost finished the baby blanket for my friend - hoping to see her this week and drop it off so she can get maximum useage whilst its still winter. It was a lovely quick project - just an afternoon and evening.

Here's one of my cats - Pebbles - caught having a sleep in the bottom of the baby buggy - lucky I didn't go out with her in it!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Swatch

Joy of Yarn, my fave yarn store are making a 'Giant Sock of Greytown' so I have used the left-overs of my beautiful Vintage Purls yarn from the hedgerow socks to knit up a swatch to send. I love lace patterns so have tried a new lace pattern on my swatch.

I've started a collection of vintage china which I have fallen in love with - Colour Glaze (from the 1950's/60's in NZ) these 3 lovely pieces are my first aquisitions - I adore the beautiful candy colours - very chic and back in fashion. Morning tea is a bit of a ritual here in New Zealand - lots of cakes which I love baking so I wanted to have a lovely vintage set to use for tea with my friends.

My friend, Kerin, has just had a baby boy so baby blankets ahoy for the next couple of days - have a lovely soft teal and white coloured yarn. Just got to decide to knit or crochet?...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

Its been very cold for too long so its been lovely to have a few days of sunshine and warmth recently - we went down to the beach for some fresh air and sun today - you would hardly know its winter!
I managed to wear my new Sylvi Jacket that I just finished.

We finished the outing off with a very nice fish & chip lunch...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pink Hedgerow

I've finished my first ever adult sock - I'm quite pleased with the result - too nice to hide away under boots this winter though! Am madly knitting up the second sock so I can wear them.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Its so cold here that I'm just wanting to sit and knit - I suppose I should make the most of it for as soon as the new puppy arrives with us the knitting will be taking a back seat!

I started making some socks yesterday - Hedgerow pattern by Jane Cochran. the stitches are really easy - just knit and purl and very effective.

The yarn is from my favourite hand-dyer Vintage Purls from the South Island here in NZ. All of the colours she dyes are fabulous! This one is called 'Blushing Beauty' but reminds me of the colours when Raspberry Ripple ice cream melts. Mmmm!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ishbel Blocked

Just blocked my scarf - the lace pattern is so pretty!

Ishbel Scarf and New Pup

I've been holed up in my home knitting away whilst struggling with a nasty flu bug so haven't felt like looking at the computer much this week...

I have finished knitting a scarf - another Ysolda pattern - Ishbel - just got to block it today.

We've had some photographs of Oscar, our new puppy from the breeder - we just can't wait to go and collect him in 3 weeks' time - it seems ages away but I know it will fly!

He looks the sociable and playful little chappie!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clasps n' buttons

After a lot of searching on the internet I chose my clasps and buttons for the Sylvi jacket...

Unfortunately they're about half the size I had hoped but I think they will still be OK.

Luckily I ordered double the amount of buttons by accident so have enough to sew 2 on each cuff which looks quite pretty...

I'm just blocking the pockets and a flower to go on one of the pockets... then I can wear it! Here's a photo from the back: