Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Bonnets

Eastertime here means the onset of Autumn, clocks changing to wintertime, being indoors more, and.... winter knitting! We had a bit of an Easter party for friends and indulged in some chocolate goodies

The weather is still warm but there's a slight chill in the air that promises winter is just around the corner. So I knitted up my Snapdragon Tam over Easter to match the Snapdragon Flip-Tops I made during March so that I am fully prepared for winter walks on the beach. I used a thicker yarn than that recommended and my 'Tam' ended up being a Beanie instead! I'm pleased with the results though.

I've also been stockpiling Vintage Purls Sock yarn for my sock blankie I'm making for my daughter - look at these lovely colours... so pretty - I can't wait to finish the blanket but it is a long-term project so will take a while!!

The top left square contains the colours on which I am basing the blanket, yellows, greens, pinks, peaches and oranges. In between projects I am knitting a few squares - the plain squares I am making on the knitting machine when I have time as this is super-quick way to knit up squares and gives such a perfect evenness to the stitches. So tonight I will be knitting up some lovely peachy squares.