Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Pressies, Puppies & Sunny Springtime

I have been madly knitting up another 'Poppy' doll as a Christmas present for my niece - a pattern I love by Ysolda Teague. I kept on putting this off as I had made so many of these dolls earlier this year, and now I only have 4 days to get my big parcel with all of the Christmas and birthday gifts from New Zealand to England as my parents' birthdays late this week!! Oops - hope Dad doesn't mind!! Just finished her...

I ran out of yarn on her dress so made her a small pair of shorts for modesty!!

I have one last one of these dolls to do for a friend's daughter fro her Christmas gift and then I'm putting the pattern away for a LOOOONG time. Have certainly OD'd on this pattern!!

We had a Bank Holiday weekend this weekend for Labour Day, have had a lovely, sunny spring weekend - the whole family took Oscar pup for a walk on the beach, which was so nice.
He's started behaviour lessons & was one of the best behaved pups there - shame it didn't last after the class!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarf City...

Its scarf city here!! I'm knitting up scarves as Christmas pressies as I've got no imagination or time this year to do more complicated projects - I have finished Dad's skinny scarf - just a plain rib made with Vintage Purls Sock Yarn - so soft & cosy - bit difficult to send this one off!!

Also managed to fit a quick scarf in for myself - cost all of $2 to make!! My daughter is now badgering me for a 'sparkly scarf' like Mummy's but I still have one for my niece and a doll to make so she might be in for a little wait!

I've also started knitting up squares of Vintage Purls yarns - this is going to be a LONG project - my plan is to make a beautiful bedspread for my daughter's bed - cosy but thin blanket - so with the varigated yarn I am doing plain stockinette stitch and the more solid colours I am planning on lovely lace squares all in pastel shades. My plan is to do a square after each project I complete. I've got myself off to a good start with 7 squares done this week before I do the last Christmas gift projects and then can get onto some serious Summer knits/crocheting.