Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Swatch

Joy of Yarn, my fave yarn store are making a 'Giant Sock of Greytown' so I have used the left-overs of my beautiful Vintage Purls yarn from the hedgerow socks to knit up a swatch to send. I love lace patterns so have tried a new lace pattern on my swatch.

I've started a collection of vintage china which I have fallen in love with - Colour Glaze (from the 1950's/60's in NZ) these 3 lovely pieces are my first aquisitions - I adore the beautiful candy colours - very chic and back in fashion. Morning tea is a bit of a ritual here in New Zealand - lots of cakes which I love baking so I wanted to have a lovely vintage set to use for tea with my friends.

My friend, Kerin, has just had a baby boy so baby blankets ahoy for the next couple of days - have a lovely soft teal and white coloured yarn. Just got to decide to knit or crochet?...

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