Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarf City...

Its scarf city here!! I'm knitting up scarves as Christmas pressies as I've got no imagination or time this year to do more complicated projects - I have finished Dad's skinny scarf - just a plain rib made with Vintage Purls Sock Yarn - so soft & cosy - bit difficult to send this one off!!

Also managed to fit a quick scarf in for myself - cost all of $2 to make!! My daughter is now badgering me for a 'sparkly scarf' like Mummy's but I still have one for my niece and a doll to make so she might be in for a little wait!

I've also started knitting up squares of Vintage Purls yarns - this is going to be a LONG project - my plan is to make a beautiful bedspread for my daughter's bed - cosy but thin blanket - so with the varigated yarn I am doing plain stockinette stitch and the more solid colours I am planning on lovely lace squares all in pastel shades. My plan is to do a square after each project I complete. I've got myself off to a good start with 7 squares done this week before I do the last Christmas gift projects and then can get onto some serious Summer knits/crocheting.

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