Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poor puppy had his operation last week to be microchipped, neutered & repair a rather large hernia on his belly - he was up every 2 hours the night of his operation with a very upset tummy - poor little thing! I felt so sorry for him - he's had lots of extra cuddles and love but I am REALLY looking forward to giving him a bath when he has his stitches out next week as he really stinks!!!!

I've been knitting up some Christmas presents - scarves - pink one for Nana Jean, grey one for my mother. I chose some really lovely Soya yarn with metallic thread through it which could take a really open knit with a simple garter stitch - have so far done 2 different colours and am making myself a lovely marine coloured scarf in the same yarn.

Am also knitting up a ribbed scarf for my Dad in lovely Vintage Purls Sock Yarn. Will be hard to part with as its so so so soft!

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