Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Pressies, Puppies & Sunny Springtime

I have been madly knitting up another 'Poppy' doll as a Christmas present for my niece - a pattern I love by Ysolda Teague. I kept on putting this off as I had made so many of these dolls earlier this year, and now I only have 4 days to get my big parcel with all of the Christmas and birthday gifts from New Zealand to England as my parents' birthdays late this week!! Oops - hope Dad doesn't mind!! Just finished her...

I ran out of yarn on her dress so made her a small pair of shorts for modesty!!

I have one last one of these dolls to do for a friend's daughter fro her Christmas gift and then I'm putting the pattern away for a LOOOONG time. Have certainly OD'd on this pattern!!

We had a Bank Holiday weekend this weekend for Labour Day, have had a lovely, sunny spring weekend - the whole family took Oscar pup for a walk on the beach, which was so nice.
He's started behaviour lessons & was one of the best behaved pups there - shame it didn't last after the class!!


  1. Those dolls you make are so cute! I would have loved a doll like that when I was younger.