Monday, November 30, 2009

The dreaded baby blankie

I have spent the last 4 months making a baby blanket... its not taken 4 months but has been a total Ugh! project!! I started a Debbie Bliss alphabet blanket and it quickly became apparent that trying to knit and look after a 3 year old and crazy puppy weren't a good combination, so that blanket got ripped about 2 months in. I then had the dolls to make for Christmas, and then I got a Phildar Naissance book which has some beautiful, simple knits in it and I decided that the baby blankie in there was perfect for baby George... fingers crossed his parents like red!! It has turned into a Christmas gift so red is a good colour!!
I love the heart on the blanket (and the fact its not colourwork, but sewn on afterwards with a different coloured yarn).

Now I have 4 gifts to make for my daughter's kindy teachers... hmmm what to make....?!

I'm also blocking the 2nd of the 2 shawls I knocked up on the knitting machine - this one is a proper lace pattern - looking forward to finishing it off with tassels and wearing it...

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