Sunday, November 15, 2009

Machining away...

I finally had a bit of time to play with the machine this weekend - had great fun!!

I knocked up a lace stole in an hour - although the finishing took
about 3 hours!

I've also knit up a larger lace shawl in a lovely beige colour, but still have the finishing and blocking to do on it.

My hand-knitting has taken a bit of a bashing!! I must get on & do some more as I'm in the middle of a baby blankie and still knitting my drop stitch scarf!

The weather has gone all summer-like and so I've been getting out into the garden more - last week I made a scarecrow with my daughter - it was great fun - the best bit was stuffing the scarecrow with old newspapers and straw - Charli loved that.
Also been getting out in the garden with pup - here's a pic I took yesterday after a long walk on the beach & 3 hours gardening when he was very placid and would sit still for the camera!

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